Alter Ego Blondego Intro Kit

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Blondego kit contains:

1 x Balayage Clay Lightener 450 gr
1 x Ultra 9 Lightener 500 gr
1 x Double Bristles Brush Balayage
1 x Measuring Cup

Alter Ego Italy Balayage Clay Lightener
Zero-dust pink bleaching powder, ideal for freehand lightening techniques up to 7 levels.

- versatile formula
- enriched with Clay and Pro Light System
- easy to mix
- elastic texture
- maximum precision and adhesion during the application to the hair
- respect of the hair structure

Alter Ego Italy Ultra 9 Lightener
Zero-dust grey bleaching powder for intense and precise lightening techniques up to 9 levels.

- creamy texture
- ensures high neutralisation of unwanted reflections
- enriched with Pro Light System
- maximum respect of the hair structure
- fast lightenings up to 5 levels in 30 minutes
- high-performance lightenings up to 9 levels in 60 minutes