Alter Ego Colour Masters - Start Date 20th April

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Introducing our new Alter Ego, Italy Master of Colour Programme

Become an Alter Ego, Italy Colour Master in Ireland

Are you Driven?  Passionate?  Eager to excel in your field?  

Enhance your Colour knowledge and expertise and grow your business with Alter Ego. 

This course has been designed for experienced colorists with minimum 5 years’ experience offering professional enhancement for those who wish to improve their color skills, learn new techniques, attract new customers and grow their business.

This fully accredited Masters Course will offer you the highest level of qualification in Professional Colour.  You'll master the world of Alter Ego, Italy. 


A signed Certificate will be presented at a graduation ceremony on completion of the course.

Cost: €2900.  €200 deposit is required at booking.  This will be refunded on completion of the course. 

This course will be offered free of charge to qualifying Alter Ego Italy accounts.  Interested customers should contact your account manager for further details. 




The Color Masters :


Stage 1- April 20th & 21st

(2 days) Covers fundamental and corrective knowledge to include hair and scalp theory & 1 workshop.   Build confidence and learn techniques in Client Consultation and Presentations.  Learn the science of colour, colour correction and much more!


Stage 2- May 18th & 19th

            – June 8th & 9th

(4 days)  Learn about the Color Spectrum, Natural Color V Artificial, Bleaching and more!

Practical Workshops

Topics to include; science, biology, chemistry , model workshops to perfect application standards. Feedback will be given constructively.  2 model workshops. 1 written exam. 


Stage 3 – June 29th & 30th

(2days) Covers the building blocks of hair, direct dyes, amount of colour and depth of penetration and more!  Practical exam on headblocks to focus on color correction. 85% needed to pass. 


Graduation Ceremony to be held on DATE TBC.

 The Alter Ego Masters will be delivered by Neil Ashe, Alter Ego Brand Educator for Ireland.  Neil has extensive experience in the world of hairdressing having worked for almost 20 years as a Senior Educator for a Global Brand and owning his own salon.  He was awarded Global Master Colour Expert, Madrid 2014 and is 3 times Irish Technician of the Year.   Follow Neil on Instagram @alteregoneil.