Alter Ego Developer, 1000ml

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Alter Ego Developer, 1000ml

Italian high-quality stabilized 9% hydrogen peroxide oxidizer cream. Formulated to enhance the application of the color cream while maintaining the initial volume unchanged in time.

Contains hydrogen peroxide 

Alter Ego Dev:eloper

Specific stabilized formula is suitable for all hair colors and bleaches. High-quality activator guarantees safe and reliable colors.

Contains hydrogen peroxide at 9% / 30 vol.


  • Creamy activator for all hair colors and bleaches
  • Easy to mix, fully stabilized formula
  • Guarantees precise and reliable results
  • Enhances the coloring and decoloring performance
  • Promotes easy and uniform product application


The Alter Ego Italy high-quality professional activators are developed to guarantee maximum results every time. Stabilized formula provides an even and precise oxidation process during the whole leave in time. High-quality Italian activators for maximum results.

Made in Italy.