Alter Ego Egoliss Liss Control Fluid

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pH 1.5 – 2.0


All hair types


  • Leaves hair controlled, soft, shiny and easy to comb
  • Excellent frizz control and prevents spilt-ends


Partially dry hair eliminating 80% of moisture with the hairdryer. Wear suitable gloves to prepare the product (approximately 30 gr depending on hair length). Divide the hair into 4 sections and apply the product to approximately 1-1.5 cm strands starting from the nape of the neck using a brush or foamer applicator bottle, then comb the strand to evenly distribute the fluid.

Leave the product on for 30 minutes. Without rinsing, dry with a hairdryer, flattening volumes with the aid of a paddle brush.


1000 ml | AEI 4997