Echosline CS - No Lye Straightening Cream

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Formulated with sweet almond oil and proteins, linseed oil and silicon filming agents to straighten natural curled hair. We recommend the usage of the Echos Wave Neutralizer at the almond proteins. When using the straightening cream on treated hair (as dyed or permed), you shall be very careful during the application.
1) Part hair in sections, then apply the straightening cream starting from the nape of the neck moving towards the forehead. 2) Smooth down the hair with a wide-toothed comb. 3) Comb throughout the hair when all the straightening cream is applied. 4) Leave on for about 10 minutes (the processing time may change depending on the type of hair). 5) Rince it off with abundant tepid water. 6) Neutralize with the Echos Wave Conditioning Neutralizing Gel included in the pack for about 10 minutes. If it is necessary to reapet the application, in order to obtain a perfect relaxation, wait at least 8/10 days.