Egoliss LISS Straigthening Shampoo, Lasts 8-10 washes!

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Innovative straightening shampoo that straightens the hair fibre. Average duration: 8-10 shampoos. Effective anti-frizz action. For long-lasting silky and shiny hair. Reduces the "smoky" effect. Dermatologically tested formula. Gently scented.

No formaldehyde, parabens, petrolatums, colorants.



Straightens, hydrates and thickens the hair fibre, countering the frizzy effect, making curly and unruly hair easier to comb.


  • GLYCO-HYAL TECHNOLOGY: The three-dimensional synergy of GLICOLIC ACID and HYALURONIC ACID with a low molecular weight that provides deep hydration by aligning hair fibres.
  • NATURAL FRUIT ACIDS (AHA): Renowned for their conditioning and antioxidant properties, they provide softness and shine.
  • VEGETABLE GLYCERIN: Its hydrating and emollient action leaves hair feeling soft, protected and deeply hydrated.


  • pH 1.5 -2.5
  • quick service
  • minimum smoke
  • gently scented
  • Dermatologically tested formula without formaldehyde, parabens, petrolatums, colourants


  1. Wash your hair twice with EGOPREP 0.0 SHAMPOO pH 7.0-7.5. Rinse and towel dry thoroughly.
  2. Divide your hair into sections and use a dispenser to apply 30 to 60 ml of LISS SHAMPOO on lengths and ends. Lather without rubbing the skin. Leave to set for 20 minutes and rinse. Dry thoroughly.
  3. Take strands measuring about 1-1.5 cm. To obtain a smooth effect, pass the straightener 5 to 8 times at a temperature from 180° to 220°. For a frizz-free effect, pass the straightener just 4 times, keeping the same temperature.


To optimise the result and duration of Liss Shampoo, we recommend the taming ritual with the EGOLISS DISCIPLINE FRIZZ-CONTROL TREATMENT maintenance kit.


AEI 5863 | 500 ml | 16,9 fl oz