Grey Hood Dryer Bifull

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Aure mobile hood dryer on wheels with 3 speeds

Hood dryers 3 speeds, mobile or wall fitting. This dryer has variable temperature function, safe and resistant, it is equipped with a stainless steel heater. The temperature can be adjusted to 75°C. It accelerates technical applications on the hair: dyeing, bleaching, treatments. Airflow circulates and delivers heat to dry hair faster, without dehydrating and overdrying the hair, helping hair to maintain its shine and softness.

- Voltage: 220-240V.
- Power: 1.000 W.
- Frecuency: 50-60Hz.
- Temperaure: 75ºC.
- Size mobile:
64 x 64 x 124-164cm.
- Size aerial:
80 x max..145 x 80-90cm