King Razor, Professional Razor

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Professional King Razor is an ideal razor for barbers and hairdressers which provides a soft and comfortable shave for a precise cut.  With two cleavers of steel that glide along the contour of the face, the head and the body. Compact and solid design. Battery of lithium with an autonomy of 60 minutes.

- Voltage: 100/240 V.
- Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
- Power: 5 W.
- Adapter:
Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz - 0.2A.
Output: 5.0V - 1000 mA.
- Machine: Input: 5.1 V 1A.
- Rechargeable battery: 100-240 V 600 mA
- Charging time: 2h.
- Autonomy: 40-60 minutes.
- Cut: width 43 mm high 0.1mm.
- Weight: 141grs.