Shapego No Yellow Shape Perfector

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Shapego No Yellow Shape Perfector:

Anti-Yellow Straightening Treatment

Taming treatment that strengthens naturally, reduces volume, provides an anti-frizz effect to curly hair. 

Spray strengthening treatment to provide blonde, bleached or grey hair with a natural straight effect, with anti-yellowing action. 


  • Gives shape to blonde hair

  • Ideal for blonde, very bleached or white hair

  • Perfect natural smooth

  • Neutralizes unwanted warm and yellow tones

  • Duration of treatment: up to 5 months


For Professional use only. Shake well before use. Wear protective gloves. Part hair washed with Prepego Shampoo and dried into 4 sections. Apply with a spray dispenser at a maximum distance of 10cm from the hair, comb and massage it. Leave in for 25 - 30 minutes and rinse. Dry completely and proceed with straightening, starting from the back of the end. Rinse and apply a moisturising mask.  

Size: 1000ml