Spiral Red Automatic Hair Curler

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Spiral Red Hair Curler
Hair is automatically drawn into the titanium coated curling iron, gently wrapped, held and heated from all directions, so as to make perfect curl. 
The original structure design makes the hair more uniformly and stably wrapped of the heating iron. As a result, curl definition will increase 60%, and last a whole day. Unique hidden design of curling iron, double care with 0 burn. 
You will be able to select the direction, the temperature and the time according to your needs. It includes an accessory that will serve you as guide indicating you the diameter of hair that you have to introduce depending on the length of the same one. 

A new way for smart curl. 
Built in smart sensor with precise control of brushless motor, it can identify if there is too much hair volume to curl for one single time, messy hair or operating errors. If those situations happened, it will stop work immediately, send alarm sound and prevent hair from tangling. 

Unique hidden-design of curling Iron, double care with 0 Burn. 

- Voltage: 220-240V 
- Frecuency: 50/60Kz 
- Power: 20W 
- Professional AC Motor 
- Infrared induction 
- Plate recoats of titanium 
- 9 temperatures: 150-230ºC 
- 4 curl time: 8’’, 10’’, 12’’, 14’’. 
- 3 curl direction (left/auto/right) 
- Energy saving mode after 20 minutes 
- 60 minutes auto-shutt off 
- Accessory: indicator of diameter 
- Weight: 390gr.