Echosline - Dust Free Bleaching Powder Violet 500gr

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Dust Free Bleaching Powder – Violet ideal for carrying out streaks, bleaching, decolouring and all other lifting techniques. It tones down unwanted yellow tones and can lift up to 7tones. Its effective detangling action leaves hair soft, hydrated and brilliant. The non-volatile powders in its formula make it faster, more practical and safer to use. It does not swell. It can be mixed with hydrogen peroxide ECHOSLINE at 7 vols (2,1%), 10 vols ( 3%), 20 vols (6%), 30 vols (9%), 40 vols (12%).
mix 1 part of powder (30 gr) + 2 parts of hydrogen peroxide (60 ml) and leave to process until the desired lift has been reached. Maximum processing time recommended: 35 minutes.