Alter Ego Blondego Pure Toner

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- Progressive and balanced toning action
- Neutralizes unwanted warm underlying tones
- Delicate formula with eco-certified Inca Oil & Active Shine Complex 
- Zero ammonia for excellent scalp comfort and total respect of hair structure 
- Outstanding longer lasting brilliance


  • PURE WHITE ICE-COLD  effect, ideal for neutralizing underlying soft yellow tones, perfect for cool blondes
  • PURE PLATINUM  ASH-BLONDE  effect, ideal for neutralizing underlying yellow-orange tones, perfect for steely blondes
  • PURE CARAMEL CARAMEL-BLONDE  effect, perfect for enhancing warm tones
  • PURE CIPRIA  PASTEL-BLONDE  effect, ideal for neutralizing underlying intense yellow tones, perfect for very personalized blondes


1 + 2: 30 g of Pure Toner + 60 ml of Cream Co-Activator

The new pure toner must always be mixed with Cream co-activator 10 vol. (3%) in order to reach perfect synergy between the active ingredients and the cosmetic action. 


White 60 ml

Platinum 60 ml 

Caramel 60 ml 

Cipria Dusty Pink 60 ml