K-Lamination Kit

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Most loved trend by celebrities and fashion catwalks.  Smooth, soft, glossy hair!

2 in 1 service to reconstruct the hair and laminate hair with one treatment.  


1. Seals the cuticles, for a healthier look.

2. Hydrates, for a better quality of the hair structure.

3. Enhance natural or cosmetic color.

4. Smoothes the structure of the hair, for a sleek effect. 


Technical information:



Cleansing: EGOBOND 4 shampoo



Treatment: Apply the treatment from the base to the lengths and ends. Wear a cap and use a heat source for 15 minutes.

Rinse and proceed with the next step



Styling: Apply BOND OIL 7 on the hair and proceed with the desired drying. At the end, reapply BOND OIL 7 on the lengths and ends and proceed with the straightener in styling mode.


Results: Super smooth and shiny hair, reduction of frizz effect.