Magnifying Lamp

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Practical Magnifying lamp with articulated mobile arm and 180' turn. It is possible to mount with the foot, allowing a major mobility, or fix it to a table with the tweezer. Lens of crystal with increase of 3 diopters.

Lighting LED SMD of 60 PCs.
- Voltage:220V.
- Frecuency: 50Hz.
- Power: 8W.
- Increase of the lens: 3 diopters.
- Led number: 60pcs.
- Angle of the bundle of light: 140º.
- Measures: 39 x 39-134,5 x 60-175cm.
- Hours of useful life: 20000H.

Include tweezer for table.
79,90€ (base not included)

€63,70 for Base