Alter Ego Utilities pH Changer

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The characteristics of this revolutionary product modifies the alkaline traditional permanent color to become an acid tone-on-tone color, demi-color and toner. This new acid color offers the salon an infinity of interesting color services and the opportunity to satisfy clients, who desire a more gentle color with no lifting power.


> First time approach to color on natural hair, doesn’t lift the natural level
> Masks (blends) up to 50 % grey hair, does not change the natural color, the color intensity direction will gradually fade with shampooing

DEMI COLOR            

First time approach to color on natural hair, or when grey cover is required, slight lift and change to natural color


Excellent service for reviving faded color along lengths and ends. An acid color is perfect for tonalizing streaks, partial lightened effects and bleached hair as it does not create any further stress to the hair structure.
Apply to damp/dry hair depending on technical service to be carried out.