Christmas Gift Sets

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Christmas Gifts sets for 2023 ✨

Our Alter Ego Gift and Echosline Gift Sets both contain Italian made professional quality hair care products! 

Each Alter Ego Christmas Gift Set contains products crafted with ingredients designed to nourish, hydrate and protect the hair while delivering salon quality results. The Alter Ego products are a range of high performing and sustainable shampoos, conditioners and treatments that cater for all hair types. “Beauty and Kindness” is a key cornerstone of the brand’s ethos, and the products are the perfect balance between a sustainable approach to hair care while providing salon quality results for all hair types. Each set contains two range specific products as well as our hero-product whipped cream mousse, a leave in conditioning mousse that leaves the hair shiny, hydrated and soft, all presented in a beautiful gift box!

This year, we are very excited to launch our first ever Echosline Christmas Gift Sets! The Echosline products are based on natural and vegan formulations with less environmental impact, while delivering high quality professional products! Each set contains a shampoo and conditioner product along with our best selling Kreative Vent Brush, all beautifully presented in a gift box!