10 in 1 Curling Iron and Brush Set

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10 in 1 Curling Iron and Brush Set:

1. Conical Curling Iron Ø9- Ø18 mm: Curls and thin waves.

2. Conical Curling Iron Ø13 - Ø25 mm: Curls and thin medium waves.

3. Conical Curling Iron Ø19 -Ø33 mm: Curls and big waves (Water waves).

4. Curling Iron Ø25 mm: natural, soft and loose curls.

5. Curling Iron with bowls Ø25 mm: Perfect thin and well defined curls.

6. Curling Iron with bowls Ø33 mm: Medium, well defined curls.

7. Thin brush Ø30 mm: Thin waves.

8. Medium brush Ø38 mm: medium waves.

9. Thick brush Ø45 mm: Ideal for volume.

10. Brush: for a professional straightening


 - Temperature: 190 ºC.

- PTC heater.

- Power: 60 W.

- 2,5 m rotating 360º wire.

- Weight "including bag": 1,890 g.

- Voltage: 100

- 240 V.

- Frequency: 50/60 Hz.

- Ceramic coating.