Alter Ego Hasty Too ECO Hairspray 320 ML

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For those that want to have the perfect hairstyle, Alter Ego has released its Hasty Too Eco hairspray, which has no gas, but it does provide a strong hold for a long time. Thanks to the unique formula with no gas, this spray provides an instant “freezing styling” without the effect of sticky film. With this product you can achieve excellent styling results with no difficulty. This hairspray has barely any scent and won’t overthrow the smell of your chosen perfume.

Formula contains high content of herbal extracts that will take care of your hair and give it a natural look. Thanks to the active ingredients, hairspray reliably fixes the hair in place without gluing it together.

Hairspray will give your hair a nice shine and protect it from moisture in bad weather. With the help of this styling product you can make any creative idea come to life, without the fear that you’ll damage your hair.

Application: Spray onto dry hair and style it to your desire.

Size: 320ml