Alter Ego My Color Mahogany

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Ammonia free, ppd free permanent hair colour with a specific anti-age action dedicated to satisfying the ever growing requests for a more gentle colour.  100% grey coverage, Protects the hair fiber.  True to shade chart with high lifting power (up to 4 levels)



  1. 100% grey cover
  2. Protects the hair fiber
  3. Elevated cosmetic action
  4. Incredibly beautiful colors, true to chart
  5. Endless possibilities to inspire creative customized coloring services
  6. Pleasant & delicate fragrance
  7. Intense and brilliant color directions
  8. Reliable final color results
  9. High lifting power (up to 4 levels)
  10. Maximum personalization


  • Hydrating and anti-oxidizing action
  • Anti-age effect


  • My color, the professional high-performance color, its ultra gentle and timeless formula is enriched with precious anti-oxidizing properties
  • The special synergy between Coactivator Cream and My Color guarantees a delicate and complete developing action of the micro-color pigments for intense and brilliant nuances


  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Caviar
  • French rose eco-certified


100 ml - 69 shades. 17 color series