Alter Ego Blondego Pure Diamond Lift

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Formulated to actively balance the lifting, tonalizing and treating actions


The new generation of color pigments in sync with the heterogeneous of oils and treating agents work together to maintain the hair fibers, supple and with brilliant PURE DIAMOND SHINE.


DIAMOND-SHINE TECHNOLOGY represents the perfect balanced fusion between science and nature


the synergic action of the eco-certified Tri-active Complex (Active Shine, Inca Oil and HydraHair) helps protect the skin from hair loss during the lifting process. 


  • HL.0 Natural  = reaches maximum lift and a translucent "pure blonde" effect - Ref. 3273
  • HL.1 Ash = for ash-blonde lift effects, neutralizes unwanted orange-yellow tones - Ref. 3274
  • HL.2 Irise  = lifts and neutralizes intense yellow tones to reach beige-iris effects - Ref. 3270
  • HL.91  Pearl Ash =  lifts and neutralizes light yellow tones to reach pearl blonde effects - Ref. 3271
  • HL.7  Beige =  lifts and neutralizes unwanted warm tones to reach sandy-blonde effects - Ref. 3272


1: 2 with Cream Coactivator 40 vol.


60 ml