Easy-Liss Kit

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The Kit contains: 1 PRE-SHAMPOO 15 ml: it cleanses the hair in depth, removing external mineral impurities and preparing the hair for the technical service. 1 EASY LISS TREATMENT 100 ml: delicately smooths hair, eliminating frizz and leaving hair soft, healthy and manageable. 1 POST-MASK 15 ml: it restores the natural pH balanceof the hair. It protects and nourishes, restoring shine and softness. The Kit also contains a brush and a pair of gloves.
STEP 1: PRE-SHAMPOO A. Wash the hair with the PRE-SHAMPOO to remove residue and mineral impurities. Repeat if necessary. Towel dryto remove 80% of excess water. STEP 2: EASY-LISS TREATMENT B. Wearing the proper gloves, separate off locks of about 2 cm wide. C. Use the brush to apply the EASY-LISS Smoothing and Disciplining Anti-Frizz Treatment to the lengths and ends, starting out from the nape of the neck. After application, leave to go to work for at least 20 minutes. Do not rinse. D. Pass the hair straightener atleast seven times per lock by lock, at 220°, again starting out from the nape of the neck. E. Leave to cool for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly. Do not shampoo. STEP 3: POST-MASK F. Towel-dry the hair and apply the POST-MASK. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse. G. Blow-dry with a brush.