Karbon 9 Dust Free Bleaching Powder Sachet - 35g

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Karbon 9 Dust Free Bleaching Powder Sachet - 35g:

- Ideal for extreme, quick lift up to 9 levels

- Speeds up lifting times (maximum lifting speed in the first 30 minutes)

- If used in combination with Charcoal Ash Toner, it allows to achieve blonde pure-grey results.

- The high-lifting results vary depending on the hair type (treated or natural) and the base colour

- Charcoal absorbing properties ensure a more reliable, pure and even result.

- Balanced formula, it doesn't swell

- Mixed with Echosline peroxide, it develops into an easy and precise cream than can be applied with the highest grip on the hair

- Enhanced with Ash micro-pigments

- Enriched with a special protective and strengthening factor for a better conditioning effect on the hair