Manniquin Head for Hairdressers 100% Human Hair 30cm

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Manniquin heads are of great quality and usefulness, for an easy and practical learning. You will be able to use heat tools for your hairstyles. The maximum recommended temperature is of 190ºC. It realizes fantastic hairstyles and upsweeps, cuts with scissors or razor. These mannequin heads (100 % natural hair) allow you to bleach or to dye the hair and to do permanents.

Care and maintenance: Washing the hair with shampoo and conditioner massaging softly from the roots up to the tops. Rinsing heavily with lukewarm water. Drying delicately the water excess with a towel, without rubbing the hair, to avoid snarls. Brushing the hair for sections, if you find some snarl do not throw sharply, in order that the hair neither is damaged nor break.
NORMAL DENSITY · 120 x 180 unds. x cm2.