Neutralizer For Perm

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Neutralizes and helps maintain the curl or wave reached stable. Its formula is rich in herbal extracts (Nettles, Sage, Tarassaco officinalis, Achillea, China Rosemary) that carries out a conditioning and protecting action.
Rinse the hair with lukewarm water. Pour into abowl 80 ml of Neutralizer. Dip the hair, still rolled on curlers, with a sponge. Setting time: 8 minutes. Unroll and apply the remaining product for another 5 min. Final treatment: rinse out with lukewarm water and proceed with hairstyle. Contains: herbs (Nettle, Sage, tarassaco oficinalis, Achillea, China, Rosemary); hydrogen peroxide 2,6%. Avoid contact with eyes. Shall it occur, rinse out withabundant water. Use protective gloves.