Shapego Shape Perfector

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Shapego Shape Perfector:

Semi-permanent straightening treatment.

Classic straightening treatment for natural or treated hair, including very curly or frizzy hair. It boosts shine, reduces volume and leaves hair soft.


For professional use only. Shake well before use. Wear  protective gloves. Wash hair with Prepego Shampoo. Part washed and dried hair into 1/2cm horizontal sections. Apply
Shape Prefector with a brush, massaging each section of hair. After the leave-in time, rinse with warm water to eliminate any excess of product and proceed with drying. Part the hair into 4 sections, and then each sector into 1/2cm horizontal sections. Proceed with straightening. Rinse with warm water and towel dry. Apply the taming mask and rinse. 


  • Gives shape to the hair

  • Ideal for both natural or treated, very curly or frizzy

  • Long-lasting smooth effect

  • Reduces the volume

  • Extremely shiny and soft hair

  • Duration of treatment: up to 5 months