The Manicure Company Glazed and Glossy Collection

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The Manicure Company Glazed and Glossy Collection:

6 new gel polish shades that are applied on the natural nail to give an ethereal glazed look shifting colour depending on the angle of the hand and light. 

Can be applied over other shades in The Manicure Company range to add a new dimension giving the client multiple options. 


Juicy Tube – A peachy pink base with a purple/pink duo-chrome shift

Platform Princess – A cool ice blue with a blue chrome shimmer

Mood Ring – A pastel sheet green with a white/pink duo-chrome shift

Pixy Stix – A pastel pink with a blue/pink duo-chrome shift

Jelly Love – A lilac purple with a vibrant lilac chrome shimmer

Mirrorball – A clear base full of laser fine holographic pigments for the ultimate colour shift