The Manicure Company Nail Shadows

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The Manicure Company Nail Shadows

Chrome Nail Pigment Palettes.

High impact chrome pigments for mirror-like chromatic nails without the mess of loose powders. 

There are 6 palettes in the range, each with 6 shadows:

  • Unicorn Nail Shadow Palette

  • Fuchsia Nail Shadow Palette

  • Candy Nail Shadow Palette

  • Silver Nail Shadow Palette

  • Gold Nail Shadow Palette

  • Rose Gold Niall Shadow Palette


How to use:

  • Nail Shadows must be applied over a layer of our NO WIPE top coat.
  • Using a gloved finger or sponge applicator supplied with the palette lightly rub the powder pan to coat the applicator. DO NOT PRESS HARD.
  • Rub the pigment onto the nail in fast circular motions.
  • For best results apply your no-wipe top coat to 2-3 nails at a time and apply your nail shadow powder immediately.
  • Finished with 1-2 layers further of No-Wipe or Standard Top Coat.