The Manicure Company - UV LED GEL POLISH BASE COAT 100ML

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1 x 100ml refill bottle of The Manicure Company Base Coat
1 x Slim refill nozzle
4 x Replacement brush heads

Remove the bottle and refill nozzle. Using a scissors or knife carefully clip the top of the refill nozzle creating a small hole. Remove the flat cap from the refill bottle and replace with the clipped refill nozzle ensuring to screw on tightly. Take your empty manicure company Base coat and insert the nozzle into the bottle and squeeze for approx 5 seconds to refill. After use always replace the white cap onto the refill nozzle and ensure it is secured. STORE AWAY FROM DIRECT SUNLIGHT AND HEAT SOURCES.

Replacing The Brush:
Remove the cap from the bottle and grip the brush stem and pull firmly. The brush and stem should come away from the cap head easily. Take your new clean replacement brush ensuring it is free from all dust and contaminants push the round end of the brush stem firmly up into the cap until it cannot insert any further.